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Investigating the Human Body, Consciousness & Landscapes of the Cosmos

Arizona Based Visual Artist

Paula Rice Artist
Paula Rice with Neil Armstrong, at the Lowell Observatory Gala 2012

I am fortunate to live in the Dark Sky City of Flagstaff, Arizona, where I have spent many hours looking up at the sky in the dead of night. I have searched images from the Hubble Telescope and new information from space, amazed at the vast wilderness that has been brought home to us on Earth for the first time.​

There is in me something that seeks out there in space something like me, like us, an original response. But photographs of alien landscapes are fierce, hostile, and silent.​

My art is a way for me to bridge the gap.  "The Planet Series" is a way for me to grapple with a vast reality, to somehow make sense of it, to add the human element, and bring it down to human size.​​

Paula Rice
Flagstaff, Arizona

About Paula Rice | Ceramic Artist

The world as an absolute, oceanic mystery came to me first as a small child.  This mystery had the physical weight and presence of a slow and beautiful liquid, through which I paddled like a little amphibian.  With my pastels, I drew pictures of children floating over towns and hilltops through the ooze, easing themselves down into city streets and countrysides with the assistance of the mysterious current.

Since then, I have found my childhood ideas transfigured in a multitude of ways, retreating and re-emerging in my work with a thousand different faces.  Yet, a certain pattern repeats itself.  I continue to be drawn to the revelations of the human body, which holds human consciousness as its great secret. And over and over again, I create the human figure, seeking the mysterious current which animates the world.

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Paula Rice Artist
Paula Rice Artist